Thursday 2 July 2015

Disco fever to shuffle racism off the dancefloor

I managed to sneak 24 disco song titles into one short article about an anti-EDL group.

A small group of Londoners, fed up with the English Defence League, a motley collection of racist hooligans who protest against Islam, have whipped up a disco inferno as they plan to 'recapture' the EDL's initials in a Googlebombing campaign for their new group, the English Disco Lovers who want to bring back the good times of tolerance and, knock on wood, their love train is pretty hot stuff as their Facebook group overtook the defence league's page in popularity this week, giving the anti-racists cause for celebration.

It's a case of don't stop till you get enough Likes.

The group started in September last year and say there ain't no stoppin us now as they look set to give the bump to the islamaphobic group's internet profile.

The defence league has failed to raise ten percent of the numbers they used to bring to demonstrations and their leader is imprisoned after entering the US on a false passport. The group have campaigned for many years against illegal immigration, but their leader is im prison for it.

The disco lovers are following in a tradition of using music to protest racism. In the late 1970s, as disco was being born in the clubs of New York, the far right National Front was at its height of popularity in the UK and musicians came together under the organisation, Rock Against Racism to campaign successfully against the far right.

Armed only with a mirroball logo and a motto, Unus Mundus, Una Gens, Una Disco (One World, One Race, One Disco) they have turned Facebook into funky town.

The move isn't just for fun as the founder and their followers recognise that disco is a fusion of sounds, from many cultures and their campaign is asking people to think about it and say let's groove and recognise that we are family.

Although we may never say goodbye to racism and intolerance, this group aim to turn the beat around and keep tolerance stayin' alive.

If that's the way you like it, and you can say that I feel love for people from other cultures and religions, think about it and visit their Facebook page, because that's where the happy people go and you won't be having the last dance. It only takes a minute.

Now, that's a rappers' delight.

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