Tuesday 16 June 2015

EU referendum and the third bus

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An odd aspect of the 2010 EU Referendum campaign

The Brits, with their characteristic downbeat outlook have a saying, “you wait forever for a bus and then three arrive at the same time”. A situation that anyone who has been hanging around Place Luxembourg can relate to.

And so, it applies to referendum petitions. The British eurosceptics, peeved at being denied a referendum on Lisbon have been racing to organize campaigns, asking the Brits to sign petitions asking for a referendum on EU membership.

So far, three have turned up. It’s uncertain how many more are due.

First out the starting gate was Nikki Sinclaire MEP, who left the EFD Group because of what she saw as anti-semitism and homophobia amongst its members.. Her campaign ( http://www.haveyoursay.eu/), which she dubs ‘the people’s petition’ is trying to raise 100,000 signatures. She argues that the UK is neither in, nor outside the EU and a referendum on membership will provide a firm position for the country’s future relationship with Europe, either inside or outside the union.

She is touring the UK garnering signatures. She claims to have had 10,000 in the first week of campaigning.

UKIP responded to this by launching a referendum petition of their own (http://www.ukip.org/petition/referendum-on-the-eu) their third in recent years. One that closed in 2008 had 10,782, another one, launched in November 2009, seems to have disappeared. It remains to be seen how the latest will do, but there doesn’t seem to be much promotion behind it and it is said that some UKIP people are a little embarrassed about launching a second petition.

Enter Dan Hannan.

He has launched a third petition. This is the slickest of them all, and possibly crucially, has support from the left and right. The move, (http://www.eureferendumcampaign.com), which announces itself as a “ballsy, cutting edge campaign” is getting the most press and is a much more professional effort, even though it was the last one off the ground.

They say that, “It’s a sad fact that Britain is sleepwalking into the European Super-State and Britain must wake up to the nightmares hiding under the sheets of Brussels. EU laws and directives made without our knowledge or consent, behind locked doors of the most complicated clauses and sub-clauses imaginable.”

Sadly, there is no joint campaign against cliches and tired metaphors.

One interesting aspect to the last of the petitions is its address, 95 Wilton Rd, Westminster.

This must be a one-stop shop for eurosceptics. It is also the home to Just Skips, which could help cart off all those EU Directives. It is also houses Career Amazon, a recruiting agency that could be useful for those seeking work beyond Barroso’s empire.

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It is also the base for Pornoteufel, a community of  “swingers and voyeurs”. I’d tell you more but there’s no way that I’m going to their website.

Or you could entertain your escort, by introducing her to some of the amazing and unusual machines offered by the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.

Perhaps the most chilled experience comes courtesy of Kind Seed LTD, who use the address to mail out “Authentic Marijuana Seeds”.

Now, that’s what I call a comprehensive platform.

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