Friday 12 June 2015

Who would Jesus deport?

One of history's most known migrants

When Christian attitudes don't seem quite so Christian. From 11/14.

British pollsters YouGov have asked British voters what they think Jesus would do on several political hot topics, and what they would do.

The company say that it was a ‘thought experiment’ to look into “how virtuous, or at least Christian, they consider their own political views to be.”

The result shows that the British are in tune with the almighty on nationalisation of the railways but precious little else.

Asked what Jesus’ view on immigration would be a third said he, or is that He, would want no restrictions at all, 10% said more restrictions and 5% said the pearly gates of Dover would be closed to all. 77% of Britons support tighter restrictions and only 5% looser.

On same sex marriage, 35% thought the Galilean would approve, 30% not. Over half of Britons were supportive of such marriages, 54%.

38% said they thought Jesus would want a nationalised railway and only 6% said he would be against the idea. This is in line with people’s own views.

Just under half, 49% thought Jesus would oppose the death penalty, of which he has experience, and 17% thought he would be in favour. 45% of Britons support executions.

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