Monday 22 June 2015

Lets ban the burqa of the boulevards

Could contain terrorists or Jeremy Clarkeson
If we follow the 'logic' of the Islamophobes, this must happen

Britain is the latest country to make moves to ban the traditional Islamic clothing, that veils a woman’s face. This is from a solitary British Conservative MP and unlikely to make any progress, but it does show how the issue is spreading throughout the continent.

The reasons for the ban usually include security concerns, questions over integration and so on.

I have to say that I’m not concerned about the activities of a handful of women who wear this dress in public. There is a much greater worry, and if it’s reasonable to prohibit a bit of cloth over the face, we should be concentrating on a much larger danger.

I refer, obviously, to tinted windows on cars.

Vehicles provide a much greater potential danger than pedestrians, just compare the number of fatalities caused by cars to those caused by people walking on the pavements. A damning indictment.

When it comes to terrorism and violence, cars are clearly an increased risk. There’s only so much Semtex you can shove inside a burqa, whereas a car bomb can hold much more. If you don’t have access to high quality explosives, imagine the difficulty of carrying around a fertiliser and weedkiller mixture under the veil. So much easier in a car or pick-up, especially under the Summer sun.

Concealing weapons is also much easier in a vehicle with tinted windows.

There are also more mundane dangers, that may not be as dramatic, but in numerical terms, are more significant. Take booze.

A drunk woman staggering down the street in a burqa would be easily spotted and it would be straightforward to take evasive action. But if a car full of people were drinking, you wouldn’t even know if they were taking slugs of vodka or had optics on the steering wheel if they could hide behind tinted windows.

Then there’s drugs. Drivers could be chain smoking foot long spliffs and nobody would be the wiser, hidden in their darkness.
The wrongdoers and criminals are the only people who benefit from the tinted windows. Imagine if you saw a crime, committed by one of their number, from a murder to a hit and run. It would be impossible to give a description to the police, or even say how many people were involved.

The treated windows do let in less light, sometimes blocking 30% of light, and this does affect driving, especially at dusk or night.

Police will tell you that one of the most potentially dangerous activities is in stopping cars. When a policeman approaches a car with darkened windows, he has no idea what dangers await him or her. Let’s support law enforcement officers by making their jobs safer by removing hiding places for criminals.

As car crime increases and terrorists look to exploit weaknesses in security, there can be no argument that tinted windows must be banned. There can be no doubt that banning the burqa of the boulevard is a priority.

An honest citizen has no reason to hide.

I have noticed that Brussels is ahead of the game. The most serious crooks and criminals, who insist on travelling with their homeys, in a procession of vehicles with tinted windows, usually painted as black as their consciences are often seen in Brussels with a police escort, who have their sirens on at full volume, to warn the people of the approach of such dubious people.

This is a good first step, but it is not enough.

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